mardi 26 janvier 2010

Short term assignment for research project by Danish research institute

The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), an independent research institute in Denmark, has been commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to analyze the dialogue between Danish and Arab organizations involved in the Danish program “the Danish-Arab Partnership Program” (DAPP). DIIS is looking to contract a short-term research assistant to conduct interviews with partners in Morocco.
Work description: The research assistant will be contracted to do independent research interviews in Arabic and/or French with a maximum of 8 persons from Moroccan government- and civil society institutions in Rabat. Each interview is estimated to last between 1 and 2 hours.
A senior analyst from DIIS will identify interview persons and introduce the study to the persons during a visit to Rabat in February. The research assistant will thereafter be responsible for making appointments with the interview persons to do the interviews.
Interviews will have to be recorded, transcribed and translated to either French or English.
Finally, the research assistant will be assisting DIIS in arranging and participating in follow-up interviews with relevant interview persons in April/May.
Required qualifications: The research assistant should preferably have a masters degree in social scienceshave experience in conducting qualitative interviewsbe fluent in Arabic and Frenchbe proficient in Englishhave a professional interest in intercultural dialogue and partnerships
Resources The research assistant will be paid by the hour at a fee to be negotiated. The assignment is estimated to cover a minimum of 60 hours and no more than 100 hours in total. Flexibility regarding the total amount of hours needed to complete the assignment will be expected. Local transport costs will be reimbursed by DIIS. DIIS can provide voice recorder to record interviews.
Selection of candidates: Applications in English or French should be forwarded by email to Marie-Louise Wegter and Karina Pultz no later than 28th of January 2010.
Marie-Louise Wegter will be interviewing two candidates in Rabat in week 6 (8-12 February 2010), immediately after which a candidate will be selected.
More information about DAPP can be found here.
For any further information, Marie-Louise Wegter or Karina Pultz can be contacted by mail or phone.
Marie-Louise Wegter, Senior Analyst, Danish Institute for International Studies
+45 32 69 87 24

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