mercredi 11 novembre 2009

Seminar on youth policy in intercultural dialogue in co-operation with the Anna Lindh Foundation. 22-28 January 2010, EYC Strasbourg

The Seminar on youth policy in intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region will be held from 25-28 January 2010 in the European Youth Centre, Strasbourg . The seminar is organised in cooperation with Anna Lindh Foundation.
All participants of the seminar should be:
  • Youth workers, youth leaders, young reasearchers, journalists, young bloggers or young artists or occasional trainers, involved with intercultural dialogue and/or youth policy.
  • Interested in the broader framework of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation;
  • Motivated to learn and further develop their competences in youth policy and/or intercultural dialogue;
  • Committed to follow-up the seminar with multiplying activities (youth projects, training activities, participation in the Anna Lindh Forum 2010 etc.);
  • Supported by an institution or organisation in the framework of which they will develop their follow-up activities;
  • Committed to diffuse the results of the seminar among their own networks, in particular among their national networks and the heads of these networks in the case of participants belonging to the Anna Lindh network.
  • Able to work in English and to attend the full duration of the course.
  • Aged between 18 and 30 (exceptions will be possible)

The presentation of the seminar and the procedure for applying can be found in the attached document. Please note that the application form should be submitted on-line at , by 25th November 2009.
Further information: Ms Nina KAPOOR at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, by e-mail:


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